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OHS policy

Solar City Tyres
Occupational Health and Safety policy statement

Solar City Tyres' goal is to create a work place that is without risk, to the extent that is reasonably practicable, for employees, customers, contractors and the general public and to continually improve our performance.  We shall also conduct our business in a manner that contributes to the health and well being of our employees.

We believe we should attempt to and can ultimately achieve a workplace in which we have no injuries, no incidents in which there are serious risks to health and safety, and no excuses for negligence or lack of care.

We intend to comply with our legal and other responsibilities, as far as is practicable, through the application of our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Acts, Regulations, Codes, Standards and other legislated requirements.  We understand that OHS legislation generally requires management to self assess OHS hazards, risks and the need for risk controls in consultation with employees and specialist service procedures.

Solar City Tyres is committed to provide consistent leadership in OHS management and to:

  • providing a safe and healthy work environment to prevent injury and illness
  • encourage employees to properly utilise their legal OHS entitlements
  • encourage staff consultation, co-operation and participation in all occupational health and safety related matters
  • delegate OHS related responsibilities and duties to staff members
  • provide and maintain good OHS practice relating to all housekeeping, operations and maintenance
  • identify and resolve OHS risks in the workplace
  • provide sufficient training and information to employees and customers to allow the use of products, services and equipment safely
  • provide sufficient resources to implement, audit and maintain SolarSafe
  • establish and provide resources to support an Occupational Health and Safety Committee and representatives
  • provide appropriate safety equipment, clothing and protective gear to prevent injuries and accidents
  • provide rehabilitation for injured staff to enable employees to return to work as soon as possible after an injury or illness

Solar City Tyres recognises and takes very seriously its duties and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and accepts accountability for the management of the OH&S programs and the resolution of health and safety issues.

Solar City Tyres will create and maintain an appropriate occupational health and safety management system in accordance with appropriate Australian Standards and legislation. This system will be monitored to ensure its integrity and effectiveness.

Solar City Tyres encourages a consultative approach between all parties to improve health and safety performance.

To ensure the effectiveness of this policy and the entire Occupational, Health and Safety Management System, staff are encouraged to report all health and safety hazards and risks to management.  All employees have a duty of care to protect not only their own health and safety, but also that of their fellow employees, as well as customers and contractors and are actively encouraged to participate with management in the continual improvement of workplace standards.

Safety in the workplace at Solar City Tyres is the responsibility of every employee. Any breach of Policy and SolarSafe Procedures shall be dealt with by Management.

The Occupational Health and Safety Manual — SolarSafe  — sets out Solar City Tyres commitment to and requirements for Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.


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