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Caring for your tyres

At Solar City Tyres our aim is to help you get the best life out of your tyres.  The services we offer are all about ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the tyres fitted to your vehicle.

Services include:

  1. Setting the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle
  2. Balancing your wheels and tyres correctly
  3. 4-wheel aligning your vehicle
  4. Rotating your wheels and tyres when necessary

Correct air pressure


Setting and maintaining the correct air pressures is the first step to ensuring you get optimum performance and life from your tyre.

What Could Happen?

Over-inflation reduces the ability of the tyre to absorb road shocks, resulting in a much harsher ride. Excessive over-inflation can lead to impact fracture or other casing failures. Over-inflation will also cause excessive wear of the centre of the tyre. This will result in premature removal of the tyre

Under-inflation allows excessive flexing of the tyre, which allows excessive internal heat to build up, eventually weakening the casing and causing damage. Under-inflation will also cause excessive wear on the shoulder of the tyre resulting in premature removal. Heavy steering and poor handling will also be a result of under-inflation. Excessive pressure on the shoulder area will increase wear and reduce stopping distance.

For more information or to book a service, contact Solar City Tyres today.


Balancing your wheels


Safety is the main reason for balancing the wheels and tyres on your vehicle. Balancing will help ensure a smooth, vibration-free ride as well as improving tyre life.

What Could Happen?

When the wheels on your car have an imbalance the most notable effect is that the steering wheel moves up and down in your hands or the seat vibrates. Either of these two can be extremely frustrating and especially fatiguing on a long trip, which may result in impaired driver judgement or a mishap.

Excessive vibration may result in some suspension damage if the cause of the vibration is not corrected for a long period of time. As the tyre and wheel assembly is vibrating the contact pressure of the tyre on the road varies. This variation in contact pressure can cause irregular tyre wear, which will in turn result in premature tyre removal.


The wheels should be balanced when new tyres are fitted, any time that the tyre is removed from the rim and at regular intervals to take into account any variation in tyre balance from irregular wear.

For more information or to book a service, contact Solar City Tyres today.


Tyre Tread Depth

Your vehicle’s safety depends on the depth of your tyre tread, so it’s important to check your tyres regularly, especially before long journeys.

Checking the tread on your tyres is easy - all passenger tyres, light truck tyres, and medium commercial tyres have tread wear indicator bars moulded into the tyre tread. These bars are located at the bottom of the tread grooves in several locations around the tyre, and when the tyre is worn to the point where any of them become visibly flushed with the adjacent tread ribs, it is time to replace the tyre.

Wheel alignment

Your wheel alignment is the most important part of your tyre life wear; regular wheel alignments improve mileage.

Solar City Tyres uses the latest wheel alignment equipment for 4 wheel alignments, light trucks, passenger, 4WD and vehicles with Stability control.

All vehicles wheel alignments completed are 4 wheels align. You will receive a before and after electronic report, indicating any changes made to your vehicle. All vehicles which have Stability Control have only a 5% leeway. As such it is paramount that any vehicle with Stability Control also receives an electronic steering check.


Correct wheel alignment will ensure that your vehicle drives straight down the road. Correct wheel alignment will also ensure that the tyres on your vehicle wear evenly and do not have to be removed prematurely.

What Could Happen?

When your vehicle is manufactured, its wheels are set to a specific angle to ensure that it drives straight, without pulling to one side. If any of these angles are out of specification the tyres won't roll down the road evenly. This will cause the tread face of the tyre to scrub against the road surface accelerating tyre wear and promoting uneven wear of the tyre tread, resulting in premature removal of the tyre. In addition the vehicle may pull to one side, making it more difficult to steer and reducing fuel economy.


Your vehicle should have its wheels aligned when you have new tyres fitted, if components in the front or rear suspension have been replaced, if the vehicle has hit anything (for example, a kerb or gutter) and at regular intervals throughout the tyre's life.

Solar City Tyre Service will able to inspect the tyres fitted to your vehicle and advise you as to whether a wheel alignment is required. For more information or to book a service, contact Solar City Tyres today.


Front-and-rear wheel alignment

For vehicles with adjustable rear suspension, all four wheels are aligned to the geometric centre of the vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle tracks straight ahead and the steering wheel is centered.



Tyre rotation


The tyres on your vehicle should be rotated to ensure their optimum life is achieved.

What Could Happen?

If the tyres are not rotated regularly the tyres may wear rapidly or unevenly meaning that many thousands of kilometres of life are not achieved and the tyres are removed prematurely. The tyres may also get very noisy as an irregular pattern may be generated.


Tyres fitted to passenger vehicles should be rotated at least every 10000km. There are situations where lower intervals are required (for example, for high performance tyres, continuous up- and downhill driving, or heavy towing). Solar City Tyres can best advise you of the most suitable rotation method and interval for the tyres fitted to your vehicle

This information is for use as a guideline only. For futher information, contact your tyre dealer.