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Mechanical servicing

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Mechanical section was established at Solar City Tyres, including a state of the art wheel alignment machine able to provide laser line, full computerized reporting on before and after data. We have 2 qualified mechanics. Services include:

  • Passenger and 4WD vehicle servicing
  • Motor rebuilds
  • Brakes servicing
  • Vehicle lowering
For more information or to book a service, contact us today.

Passenger and 4WD vehicle servicing

Solar City Tyres are currently offering an Autumn passenger vehicle service for $129.00.

Package includes:

  • Replace engine oil (up to 5 litres of premium grade oil) and oil filter
  • Inspect all water levels
  • Inspect transmission & diff oil levels
  • Inspect brake & power steering fluid levels
  • Full brake inspection, adjust & report
  • Full steering & suspension inspection & report
  • Wheel balancing & full tyre inspection
  • EPA oil disposal

For more information or to book a service, contact us today.

Regular servicing is essential to the longevity of your car and its ongoing safety. By making sure it is serviced at regular intervals, you will be saving yourself money in the long term and helping make your motoring experience safer for you and your family and friends. A basic service should not be terribly expensive, but it should cover some important areas, and include some diagnostic elements. There are certain key parts of your vehicle which need to be regularly maintained not only to ensure efficient functioning, but also ongoing safety.

What should a Passenger / 4wd Vehicle service cover?

A light vehicle service is meant to ensure your vehicle is safe and well maintained, so that wear and tear can be minimised and potential problems spotted early before they create a more major problem. A typical light vehicle service may include the following:

  • Oil change. The engine requires fresh, clean oil in order to function at its peak.
  • Make sure the mechanics dispose of the old oil in a manner approved by the EPA
  • Brakes should be checked and adjusted as necessary
  • A full VACC report on their status and any work needing to be done should be supplied
  • Tyres should be pressure checked and inspected for any irregular wear.
  • Transmission and diff oil levels should be checked
  • All water levels should be inspected
  • Steering and suspension should be checked and reported on

In a nutshell a basic service like this will replace the oil and look at all the important, major functions of your car. Adjustments will be made when necessary, and a full report will be given suggesting any areas where work may need to be done.

Why have a Passenger / 4wd vehicle service?

A service of this type is highly recommended on a regular basis, as determined by manufacturer recommendations. Not only does fresh oil ensure you get maximum performance and longevity from your engine, but a check and adjustment of other areas such as brakes and suspension will also ensure they last as long as possible and forewarn you of any work that may need to be done.

From a safety point of view the merits of properly functioning brakes cannot be overstated, but services like these are also handy because they allow you to plan ahead a little - you may be told that you will need new brake pads at the next service, allowing you to plan your motoring budget. It is also true that preventative work will save you money. Getting a problem fixed early on is always cheaper than allowing it to become a major repair issue.

Having regular services will give you peace of mind, knowing that your car is safe and its engine is running as efficiently as the maker intended, meaning you are also minimising emissions.

Vouchers Available

Conditions apply. Not available with any sale nor for fleet companies. Contact us for more information.

Lincoln Loyalty Program

If you have had you motor vehicle serviced by one of our participating automotive service centres and filled in a registration card at the time of your last service, then you will have been placed in our Lincoln Loyalty Program.