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Wheel balance

Have you ever had a problem with vibration in your car, either with the stering wheel or the car itself? At Solar City Tyres we know how irritating this can be.

Vibration in your car is often due to a wheel imbalance. The Solar City Tyres Balance Optimisation Sysytem offers three kinds of solution to your wheel balance problems:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Performance

In a standard balance, the tyre and wheel is mounted on the balancing machine using the rear cone and held by the front wing nut clamp.

To achieve a smooth, vibration-free dirve, the wheel must be centred and positioned on the balancer just as it will be positioned on your vehicle. To ensure this, the tyre and wheel are balanced using a Duo Expert Adaptor and flange plates.

Tyres and wheels will get a bit bent out of shape through use - this is called running out of tolerance. To achieve the best tolerance, we offer our Performance Balance. This involves balancing the wheel, then match-mounting the tyre and wheel in their optimum position to reduce overall imbalance. The tyre and wheel are then balanced to your vehicle using a Duo Expert Adaptor and flange plate, giving you the best result for balance, tyre wear and smooth riding.


Wheel suppliers

Our wheel suppliers include:

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